Network Admininstrator

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What is the

As a Network Administrator you will perform a wide variety of evaluation, maintenance, installation and training tasks to ensure the
network performance meets company and end user satisfaction. You will be responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing of network infrastructure and application components. Finally, you will provide direction, information, and recommendations regarding network configurations and installations.

What do you need to be able to do?

Maintain a thorough understanding of the basics behind the Internet and its workings (DNS, Security, IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, Email Routing, SPAM, etc.).
Maintain a thorough understanding of Local Area Networking.
Configure and setup Firewalls, VPN Concentrators and Security appliances for access to vital business applications.
Design, setup, configure and maintain complex routing and switching environments.
Design, setup, configure and maintain complex wireless networking that supports open or secured access and the ability to support data, voice and video applications.
Assist in the design of multi-server environments including IP address schemes, DNS, WINS, Ether-Channel (Bonding), etc.
Configure and installing client and server network software for upgrading and maintaining network and telecommunication systems.
Maintain multi-site network operations and software applications, operating systems and regular maintenance with both private and public facilities.
Manage assigned projects and program components to deliver
in accordance with established objectives.
Respond to inquiries from staff, administrators, service providers, site personnel and outside vendors to provide technical assistance and support.
Supervise the administration of systems and servers related network to ensure availability of services to authorized users.
Troubleshoot malfunctions of network hardware and software applications, telephones and security systems to resolve operational issues and restore services.
Any other duties as assigned by management.

What experience is required?

Excellent technical, analytical and interpersonal skills required.
Current CCNA and/or CCNP certification a plus.
Cisco Unified Communication
configuration and infrastructure a plus.
Knowledge of VoIP implementation and support.
Maintain network security through proper configuration of VPN and Firewalls.
Ability to communicate in an understandable, polite and friendly manner, both written and verbal.
Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a small business environment.
Must hold a valid driver's license.

You will be happy here if you:

Are a self-starter with the ability to work in a team environment
Have the ability to work effectively on tight deadlines
Have a proven history of providing exceptional customer service, including the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of customers.

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